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Protect your walls from darts with backboards made from felt of all colors, wood, canvas, with or without logos

What's Unique About Us

We specialize in darts - and only darts. Find an impressive selection of affordable dart supplies and accessories ideal for home, basement, pubs, bars or restaurants, night clubs, arcades, pool halls or social clubs

In-depth learning articles & supplies for all levels - for beginner, intermediate, and expert players

Honest & entertaining reviews and stories about new games, and what makes darts a great escape and favorite pasttimes

The verdict is in - Electronic, bristle, magnetic or arcade darts are for everyone. We've asked all kinds of folks why they love darts. Here's what they said:
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Business professional: "There is something so simple and perfect about a game of darts. Focus, aim & throw - there isn't a faster or easier escape from the day to day, so I keep a dart board on the back door of my office."

Mom at home:
"I love playing magnetic darts with my kids. It improves their math skills keeping score, and we have so much fun they don't know they are learning."

College Student: "Whether I'm at home studying or out on the town, playing darts is a great stress reliever and social game that gets everyone on their feet. I love that my electronic dart board keeps score, which lets me talk to my buddies instead of counting points."

But, don't take everyone elses word for it. Try the game of darts for yourself. Start shopping >>.

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